It is so often hard to find online, isn’t it? It seems like it’s always every man out for himself. It is selfish, childish, and apathetic. That’s what most groups can offer you. At LCG we strive to work together at all times. You can always count on the members of LCG to be there when it counts. 


Why do we come online to play multiplayer games in the first place? A familiar voice, a friendly attitude, a friend you can count on. These are the types of things you can expect when you run with LCG. A family online. That’s what we strive to be. 


Most of us have run the gamut with groups that are less than mature. Strife, childishness, selfish play and selfish attitudes. We know what to expect, and we know how to handle ourselves. You’re not always going to get along with people online, but you shouldn’t have to put up with jerks and idiots. You damn sure won’t have to deal with that here. 


It’s simple. We’re all here to relax, have fun, and shake off the bad vibes and drama of real life. You deserve a drama-free environment to let loose, have some laughs…and make buddies with some really awesome guys and gals. Why not run with LCG?